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Musings of an Obsessed Fanfic Writer...

The Seven Daily Affirmations of Ashlea R. Ensro

1) One day, I will write a piece of fanfic in which CSM does not appear. At all.
2) One day, Teena Mulder will make it through one of my stories alive.
3) One day, I will write a story that does not violate every one of the Primal Screamers' Rules of Fanfic.
4) One day, I'll decide once and for all if CSM is Mulder's father.
5) One day, an evil character from the X-Files will be evil in one of my fanfics, and will remain so for the rest of the story.
6) One day, Mulder and/or Scully will be the main character(s) in one of my stories.
7) One day, I will actually do WORK at my job, instead of writing these silly things.

...but not today.

Revenge of the Muse with Anna Otto and FirePhile - 32K
This should make you all happy that Anna and Ashlea are leaving fanfic. How sick and twisted can we get? Read and learn. Rachel is staying and will have to work for all three of us from now on. This is a parody on The Fire Eaters.
Rating: NC-17
Category: SH
Summary: Quentin is the director of the upcoming feature movie, Anna and Ashlea are the writers, Rachel is the producer, and things are spiraling downward quickly.

The Fire Eaters with Anna Otto - 251K
Rating: R
Classification: XA
Summary: ...and there will come a ghost whose broken heart will infect the hearts of others, whose madness will consume the lives of all around him, and no one will be safe from him... then, the inseparable partners will be cut apart, the traitor will betray once more, the long-lost woman with the mind of a child will be a prize in the tug of war, and the old man who thought his soul was gone will be proven wrong... but the rivers of blood will never be deep enough for the fire eaters.

...And We Will Point The Gun - 109K
After the fourth season finale, I came up with a wonderfully morbid, noirish idea to end the series. Unfortunately, "Redux" came along, shattering all my dreams. The concepts stayed with me, however - Scully facing a slow, inevitable death, a haunted, disillusioned Mulder driven to desperate measures. There was one image especially that I couldn't shake - Mulder, precariously close to madness, slowly raising a cigarette to his lips and realizing that he has become his own worst nightmare. Thus, I sat down at the computer, lit up (just kidding! I don't smoke.), killed off almost every character on the show, and the story was born. What fun fanfic writing can be!
Category: SRA
Rating: R
Spoilers: The Red and The Black
Summary: Krycek tells the story of the first two weeks of colonization.

Black Wings Series

Death of a Dream (or, the Residual Malignant Effects of the Airing of One Son on the 
Fanfic Writing Community)
with Anna Otto
- 15K
Feeling frustrated with the community? Feeling disenchanted with the show? Come, rest your tired eyes upon this tale, and let us soothe your grieving heart. (insert evil laugh here)
Category: SH
Rating: NC-17 (severe author torture warning)
Summary: And you thought that you had a problem with One Son! Meet the most unfortunate of us all.

Something wicked this way comes... Ladies and gentlemen, it is
The End by Ashlea Ensro!

Karass - 88K
Ooookay, so I promised Anna I wouldn't let Mulder point his gun at CSM...again. He won't. Really. They don't even appear in the same scene in this story. (Imagine that!) So this story basically came about because I wanted to do something different. The gang over at Mulderoo's site were discussing the big gender gap in the X-Files - why is it that there are so few strong, intelligent female characters on the show? Which of course led me to wonder what kind of strong female character I would LIKE to see on the show. So I came up with the idea for Isis, and the rest just fell into place.
Category: XA
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 5 up to The Red and The Black
Summary: How come Mulder's the only one who gets cool shadowy informants?

Lady Midnight - 114K
Category: XA
Rating: R
Spoilers: mytharc up to One Son
Summary: They shoot informants, don't they? (Sequel to "karass" and "Only Darkness")

Loved - 5K
"Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!"
-- Oscar Wilde _The Ballad of Reading Gaol_

Category: VRA
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The Red and The Black, FTF
Summary: Krycek and his associate plot to kill the smoking man, but something is wrong with this picture.

The Messenger - 43K
It would figure that I would need a 25 page story to explain a four page vignette. This is sort of a sequel, sort of a prequel to "The Sound of Her Wings". This is the background story. Basically, this is the story of how the Samantha of "The Sound..." got to be the way she is.
Category: SA
Rating: R
Spoilers: The End
Summary: A killers last words lead Mulder towards the truth about Samantha...but is he ready to face what she has become?

Only Darkness - 101K
Only darkness can defeat the dark...
Category: XA
Rating: R
Spoilers: FTF, The Beginning, Drive
Summary: A bizarre case brings Scully into contact with a woman from her past. Sequel to karass.

Possessed - 20K
Manik wrote one of the sentences in this story, which set the ball rolling. If you want to blame anyone... This won't make much sense unless you've read some of my other fanfic. It also might help to read some of the stories by the fanfic authors who make appearances in this: Manik, Anna Otto, Rachel Ehrentreu, and Laura Kennicutt. No, I don't know what nepotism means!
Category: SRH
Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: up to the movie
Summary: Ashlea does songfic. It's self-indulgent. You've been warned.

Second Chance - 31K
This is also known as the one I wrote entirely on my lunch hour at work. It was my first attempt at fanfic, and as a first attempt I don't think it's all that bad. If nothing else, it launched me headfirst into the fanfic community. It came about as I was reading some of the most sadistic offerings at MulderTorture Anonymous, wondering if I'd ever have the guts to not only write that sort of thing, but to post it over the Internet for the whole world to read.
I figured...NAH.
But the idea kind of stuck in my head, begging to be written. When I finally gave in and sat down at the computer, it more or less wrote itself. Reading it again now, there's a million things I would change, but I credit it with beginning my addiction, so I won't complain.

Category: SA
Rating: PG
Summary: Cancer Man tells Mulder that dirty little secret weve known all along.

The Sound of Her Wings - 6K
This is, to date, my favourite piece that I've written. I don't know why. I didn't even mean to write it. It rose out of an obsession with the last few minutes of "Redux II" - the expression on CSM's face as he's shot by Quiet Willy. It was the only time a TV show has ever triggered such an intense emotional reaction in me. Even watching after "The Red and the Black", "The End", and the movie - even knowing the guy's alive and well and just as nefarious as ever - it still gives me chills. And in typical X-Files style, Chris Carter gave us no explanation on how CSM survived, leaving the task of climbing out of that particular plothole entirely to the imagination of fanfic writers.
Thanks, Chris. I'll try.

Category: VA
Rating: R
Spoilers: Redux II
Summary: How CSM survived the assassination attempt in "Redux II".

States of Mind This is my attempt to invent a new genre of paintingfic. These stories are based on the "States of Mind" series by Umberto Boccioni, painted in 1911. (Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.) The paintings are an allegory of the crisis Boccioni believed faced humanity. Figures that I would get fanfic inspiration during a dry art history lecture.
Category: VRA
Rating: R

Theater of the Absurd with Anna Otto - 291K
Now includes Part 1: Strange Land and Part 2: Home as well as Interlude: Christmas Adventures of Paul and Kathy
The mythology of the show has elevated to such a state that if all of the questions were resolved, if colonization did proceed - our heroes would NOT be in a position to do much about it. ("Hey, little green man! Stop! FBI!") The real power lies with the Consortium. This is (I believe) the root of our fascination.
Personal issues and assassinations of family members aside -given the choice, where would YOU want to be?

Category: XHA, UST
Rating: R
Spoilers: Beyong the Sea, Anasazi, The Blessing Way, Redux I
Summary: As Skinner searches for long-lost friends, he becomes a target in a game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes, what's lost is best not found. Or, how can we make Mulder and Scully blissfully happy?

A Thoroughly Modern Kitchen - 27K
Musings of a Non-Smoking Author: So, I was wondering about "The Choice"...yeah, that one...what *was* it exactly, who made it, really, and what would have happened if he or she made a different choice. I was wondering... what would happen if Fox was abducted instead of Samantha (okay, our favourite TV show wouldn't have happened, but *besides* that...)? I was wondering... what if Teena Mulder ended up married to Strughold and living on a bee plantation in Tunisia? And I was wondering...was I actually capable of writing a happy ending? With schmoop involved? And hope and redemption and all that?
Category: SRA
Rating: R
Spoilers: Demons, Talitha Cumi, FTF
Summary: A lonely woman contemplates three lives.

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