Part I: Conduit - 109K
(Chapters 1-6)

Part II: Crumbling Foundation - 150K
(Chapters 7-12)

Part III: Masters of War - 189K
(Chapters 13-20)

Cover by Ashlea Ensro

Classification: XA

Rating: R
Spoilers: The Beginning
Summary: A strange case threatens to tear Mulder and Scully apart. But much more than their partnership may be at stake.

And now, for something completely different...this is meant to be read only after you've finished the story above, as a consolation prize to everyone who wanted to see Jack happy. Raise your hands, and repeat after me: "Jack is a good guy! He deserves something good to happen to him!" Well, here is something for you...
Late Night Choices by FirePhile - 12K
Rating: R

Obligation by Anna Otto  - 15K
Rating: NC-17

Constant by Danielle Leigh  - 6K