states of mind

This is my attempt to invent a new genre of paintingfic. These stories are based on the "States of Mind" series by Umberto Boccioni, painted in 1911. (Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.) The paintings are an allegory of the crisis Boccioni believed faced humanity. Figures that I would get fanfic inspiration during a dry art history lecture.

These stories are contain slash, character death, and futurism. If you don't like any of those things, maybe you need to get out more.

The Farewells

A departure at a train station.

Those Who Go

Krycek's point-of-view.

Those Who Stay

Mulder's point-of-view.

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Disclaimer: All I own is a computer, a room in a slummy house, some books, and a snazzy drafting table.