Danielle Leigh

Works in Progress...

One Flew East, One Flew West II
What can I say? It seemed simple enough when I started...and somehow it has gotten complicated. But in a good way . My first real story and it's still in progress, although I am finally nearing completion. The title comes from the old nursery rhyme, which Ken Kesey also used for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Not that I'm comparing us, or anything .
I must thank everyone who encouraged me to continue and were kind enough to clap every time a new chapter came their way. Thank you, guys. As for a summary...I won't even try. Just read.
Rating: R
Keywords: M/S UST, MulderAngst, ScullyAngst
Spoilers: FAD, Detour


Warm Body - 6K
Crossover of BtVS and X-Files
Rating: NC-17
Summary: New York City. 1991. Our favorite double Agent wasn't always so confident.

Window Shopping - 13K
Please note that above is Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic.
Keywords: Xander/Willow UST

Constant - 6K
Category: VA
To be read after Obligation by Anna Otto

The Cruelest Month - 10K
What can I say...I feel for Spender. And I have a bad habit of creating original characters.
Time line: Everything after Patient X and tRatB has been ignored.
Summary: Don't even get me started.

Get Me to the Church on Time (or, As The Files Turn) with Anna Otto - 13K
Category: Parody
Summary: Maternal feelings are nothing to joke about, you hear? Parody on the Priorities series.

The Next Door - 7K
The first fic I ever wrote...I don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time....
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The End
Summary: Scully has to decide what to do now she's technically free of the X-files.

No Particular Place To Go - 14K
Well...do you ever have one of those days? I wrote this on one of those. A story inspired by the old film "The Days of Wine and Roses." If I get around to it I might write a sequel...or a prequel.
Spoilers: One Son, general season five and six
Rating: R for dark themes
Summary: An evening's betrayal reveals something darker at work. This is also probably a big ball of wrong, but without the humor.

One Flew East, One Flew West I - 87K
Rating: R
Spoilers: FAD, Detour Keywords: M/S UST, MulderAnsgt, ScullyAngst

The Session - 12K
Timeline: Takes place in sixth season
Summary: Take a few psychology classes, add a disgruntled FBI agent and stir.

Sleepers - 21K
Rating: R
Summary: Sleeping Beauty is a fairytale. This is not.

Snapshots: Absolute Deep - 5K

Snapshot: Colonization - 9K
Snapshot is a series that is in no way connected. Any season, any universe, anything at all. A slice of life examining the lives of the members of the xf universe.

Snapshots: Pilot - 3K

Snapshot: The Roof - 4K
Summary: Mulder and Scully working well together. Who knew? or Danielle writes UST. Stand back folks.

Snapshots: Tithonus - 4K

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